The New York 1964-65 World's Fair

The below text is excerpted from the informational pamphlet for Xavier Freeman Gentry's "Omega Home" featured at the World's Fair:

Welcome to the last home you’ll ever need:



In our Modern era, the need for a better life has compelled many a Man to roam the Earth, seeking refuge from the constant assault of noise, crime, pollution—not to mention a safe haven from the ever-present threat of Nuclear Armageddon.


But rather than traveling thousands of miles away, you could instead re-locate only twenty feet from your current locale—twenty feet underground, that is—in your subterranean OMEGA HOME!


An OMEGA HOME is built, like a ship in a bottle, within an oblong shell of waterproof concrete & steel supported by an 18-inch steel girder frame and swaddled in three layers of water-tight Celotex. Buried beneath a shroud of two million pounds of soil, the OMEGA HOME is not only protected from the ravages of Nature, but also from the physical, aural, and psychological assaults generated by our Modern society!


Dwelling underground in an OMEGA HOME can provide you with the opportunity to be in complete control of your own World. With a simple turn of the Dial, the homeowner can calibrate a suitable mixture of air-flow, temperature, and ‘scenery.’ Enjoy Spring weather in midwinter—sunshine on a rainy day—high noon at midnight!


UNDERGROUND LIVING DOES MAKE SENSE. A few feet below the earth can provide Man with the proverbial ‘island unto Himself.’ Come and see with your own two Eyes!


Visit the OMEGA HOME, located at the New York World’s Fair on Block 50, Lot 5, Avenue of Architecture, next to the Court of the Universe.*


*To ensure that you don’t stroll past our ‘invisible’ underground attraction, we’ve constructed a complementary above-ground feature: ‘THE HOUSE OF HEROES,’ a Memorial to our fallen soldiers. When you see a house painted like Old Glory, then you’ll know that YOUR OMEGA HOME is just beneath your feet!